Autzagane Jatetxea (Zornotza). Eating (good, pretty and cheap) in the heart of basque country

Sep 01, 10 Autzagane Jatetxea (Zornotza). Eating (good, pretty and cheap)  in the heart of basque country

be a spy (in the gastronomic sense)

The traveler has come to the region of Urdaibai on official business. Going incognito, dressed and with  tie, continues to be an inconsistency in the area through he moves. He’s a spy . It isn’t their natural environment . It’s time to eat. . Go up a steep road and wherever we can see the  Autzagane port  we find a restaurant . The peasants are watching him with suspicion. The spy  tryes with  his appearance  pass by  the one of a salesman on route for the sale of machine tools.

The passenger is  sitting at a table in a courtyard open to the road. I never liked eating alone. The act of eating is associated inextricably with the company of some of his dozens of girlfriends. There was a time when he faced with a choice of eating alone, or not eating, he chose the fast. Not today. It is uncomfortable but it is older  and are neither he nor his stomach to bullshits.

The waitress appears, she’s called Begoña.  Tall, dark, slender. . It results in a mixture of fascination and scared shitless. The traveler remembers having lunch with Manolo Vazquez Montalban in Durango, in a happy occasion, and hear the words of the beloved teacher “I like to eat in Euskadi, is the only place in Spain in which the waitresses scold me.”

So, the  menu is decided by the fish soup and the cod with piperade.

Imagen tomada de autzagane.comThe traveler, more quiet and focused,  have a question.The fish soup is one of his favorite foods but he  knows that there are only two options. Something similar to the soup  he makes, which is without doubt the best fish soup in the world, or directly to be a foul stew. Lucky day, the soup is thick, the fish is abundant, there is a touch of paprika and the cook have not forgot onion and carrot.  Good start

The cod comes in a very good point of taste , the flesh is tight and the point of frying is perfect. I think it was a good idea to stop here.

The traveler thanks to two glasses of Rioja’s wine, the scolding of Begoña and full stomach is a little happier and becomes  friend of  the world . He have allayed your suspicions and even he’s willing to play a card game and see the Giro with the villagers. The twelve euros menu is a perfect end.

But it is time to leave. Urdaibai can’t wait and neither work. Begoña  your sweetness  has captivated us, but we will return to Autzagane by  the food. We are interested egoists.

Alto Autzagane, 4;  48340 Zornotza (Bizkaia)

94 673 22 20

Latitude 43.2433973868. Longitude -2.71919131279

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  1. Topo Corleone /

    Hi, my friend. I´m not green with envy about that place because you know here in Alaska we have the best Halibut, seafor, crabs, Salmon too and whatever we want. Can you dig it?
    I have some pics here to send you but i don´t know how can i post them in your blog
    Anyway, Greetings from Alaska and i will see you soon, Hope.
    NO CEASEFIRE IN ALASKA Palin and Beck…… to Guantanamo now.

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