El Clarete. (Vitoria) Basque cuisine for Scottish guys visiting Vitoria

Last week, a ghost from the past come  back into my life. It wasn’t  the ghost of the past Christmas carol. My old friend John Spalding (yes, like the basketball  brand ), will come  to Vitoria. John likes the food. If he have to choose    likes best the drink.  But that’s another story. He asked me a place to meet up . A place to celebrate the good old days. I’ll have  no doubt. In Vitoria, if  John pays the choice it’s  made. Will  be El Clarete.


John is a friend, but he  is Scottish too, from Edinburgh or if you prefer from Dùn Èideann. I guess you  understand the joke. It’s the best restaurant in Vitoria. It isn’t the cheapest. Yes,  it have the best value for money. El Clarete wins. No doubt. I like the decor. I like the attention  to the customer. I like food. The food is good and different. The choice of wines is always accurate.  I like how they cook the  cod. They are very good at preparing meat. And, they aren’t Lawrence of Arabia, but  they are desserts  masters. Twelve tables. Intimate. Talk and an appropriate  company. And John pays. LOL

by dicky

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